Shri Krishna Janma Khanda and Radha Hridoy Brahmanda Puran

Shri Krishna Janma Khanda and Radha Hriday Brahmanda Puran Bangla ebook pdf
Book name- Shri Krishna Janma Khanda
Book name- Radha Hridoy Brahmanda Puran
Translated by- Nanda Kumar Kabiratna Bhattacharya
Format- PDF (Portable Document Format)
size- 54mb
size- 26MB
Pages- 1044
Pages- 241
eBook quality- Good

Shri Krishna Janma Khanda and Radha Hridoy Brahmanda Puran

You can find to Lord Shi Kishna through the many ways but you must choose any one way. As, you will find many ways to come to school but you will not be able to attend school at the same time, more than one way.
Shi Kishna, the Lord was born nearly 5000 years ago, at the present time there is no doubt that many branches spread on life and work history of the great men. And what is true and what is false, we couldn’t say about it but we try to learn about it. There is full story of the birth of Lord Krishna can be found in Brahmaboibarta Purana. The Puran is divided into four parts like- Brahma Khanda, Prakriti or Debi Khanda, Ganesh Khanda and Shri Krishna Janma Khanda. In the part of Shri Krisna Janma Khanda- there is invisible Shri Rada. I just gave an ebook pdf file of Shri Krishna Janma Khanda in below link.
Readers can collect ebook pdf of Shri Krishna Janma Khanda

Note- Radha Krishna Leela has been showing to another Purana and this myth is a part of the Brahmanda Puran and name- Radha Hriday Brahmanda Puran.
Readers can also collect ebook pdf of Radha Hriday Brahmanda Puran


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