Golpe Golpe Prem- Edited by Sunil Gangopadhyay bengali love story book pdf

Golpe Golpe Prem- Edited by Sunil Gangopadhyay bengali love story book pdf
ebook name- Golpe Golpe Prem
Written by- Various eminent authors
Edited by- Sunil Gangopadhyay and Siddhartha Singha
Book genre- Love-Story Collection
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 20mb
Pages- 241
Curtesy by- original uploader
Quality- good, scan by mobile device, without any watermark

Golpe Golpe Prem pdf

There are many types of love. All the other love author left here. Only the love of men and women is such a thing that it cannot be counted on to end. There is a lot of doubt that a man can be found in the world, who has never loved or fallen in love or tried to offer love to anyone.

No one can tell when the love will come to life and when it will escape through the back window. And the love that finally sits on the brink of marriage, can it really be called love! Because, after all, love is not without Jounota. That social exemption of free Jounota is ‘marriage’ but is actually a cemetery of love.

In fact, love is very unstable. No one can understand for a moment before when it will be left behind. So one kind of love before marriage, as long as the marriage gets old, several days with the wife and one kind of love and then another kind of love. That is, just as a healthy man is not happy with a woman, women also exploit it when given the chance. However, the sweetest and most painful is illicit love. Whoever does not fall in illicit love, his life is in vain.
Be vain and be successful, people who don’t love to hear love stories are really rare. And if it’s written in a cheesy, and if it is the best love story by famous writers, then that’s fine.
There are twenty-five love stories of Bangla literature that are arranged in this book.
Table of contents are-

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