Banaphul (Balai Chand Mukhopadhyay) Rachana Samagra in ebooks pdf

Banaphul (Balai Chand Mukhopadhyay) Upanyas Samagra in Bangla ebooks pdf

e-books name- Banaphul Upanyas Samagra
Author- Banaphul (Balai Chand Mukhopadhyay)
Format- PDF
Part- 1, size- 77MB, pages- 896

Novels in the first part-

Part- 2, size- 83MB, pages- 934

Part- 3, size- 85MB, pages- 890

Part- 4, size- 66MB, pages- 834

Part- 5, size- 78MB, pages- 882

Part- 6, size- 84MB, pages- 954

Part- 7, size- 80MB, pages- 882

Part- 8, size- 63MB, pages- 738

Novels in the part eight-

Banaphul Upanyas Samagra

Balai Chand Mukhopadhyay (born on July 19, 1899 – Died on February 9, 1979) was a Bengali writer, playwright, and poet. He is better known in the pseudonym ‘Banaphul’. Father name was Satyanarayan Mukherjee. In 1920 he passed I. S. C. from Hazaribagh St. Columbus College. As the author Banaphul wrote more than a thousand poetry, 586 short stories, 60 novels, 5 plays, biography and also wrote numerous articles.

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Notable novels of his- Trinakhanda, Maharani, Nabin Dutta, Kichhukhan, Se O Ami, Sandhipuja, Adhiklal, Dana, Tribarna, Tumi, etc. Awarded Sharat Smriti Puruskar (1951), Rabindra Puruskar (1962), Jagat Tarini Padak (1967), Padma Bhushan Upadhi (1975). His Rachanasamagra published in twenty-two volumes. Now I want to share with all my dear book warm buddies, eight full parts of his Rachana Samagra as ebooks pdf.

Banaphul Upanyas Samagra Vol- 1
Banaphul Upanyas Samagra Vol- 2
Banaphul Upanyas Samagra Vol- 3
Banaphul Upanyas Samagra Vol- 4
Banaphul Upanyas Samagra Vol- 5
Banaphul Upanyas Samagra Vol- 6
Banaphul Upanyas Samagra Vol- 7
Banaphul Upanyas Samagra Vol- 8

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