Mollah Nasiruddin Jindabad pdf

Mollah Nasiruddin Jindabad, bengali book pdf free download
ebook name- ‘Mollah Nasiruddin Jindabad’
By- Anshu Mitra
Book genre- Cunning/Humorous story collection book
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Mollah Nasiruddin Jindabad pdf

Who was this Mollah Nasiruddin? Or Nasiruddin Khonja? Or Nasiruddin Abanti? If you know Gopal Bhar, Birbal? Then you must know Nasiruddin. He was living somewhere in the Middle East, maybe in Turkey. He is a long time ago man. But for the past seven hundred years, he has survived in the story. At that time he used to go hunting with the lame king Timur, now he travels by plane.

In the Middle Ages, Nasiruddin’s story was used to make fun of great rulers. The stories of this clever man could not be confined to any country or time.
The first English language book based on Mollah’s story was published by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge – Mrs. Ewing’s Khonjar Golpo (Tales of the Khoja) in1896.
Idris Shah, a Sufi expert, has published three books compiling many stories of Mollah. Many of the stories in this book are from Idris Shah’s collection.

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