Shuktarar 101 Kalpabigyan O Rahasya Galpa pdf

Shuktarar 101 Kalpabigyan O Rahasya Galpa, Bengali Sci-Fi ebook pdf
ebook name- ‘Shuktarar 101 Kalpabigyan O Rahasya Galpa’,
Written by – Various prominent authors,
Type of book- Sci-Fi stories,
File format- PDF,
PDF size- 11 Mb,
Pages- 643,
Quality- Good, no watermark

Shuktarar 101 Kalpabigyan O Rahasya Galpa pdf

A collection of 101 short stories published by Shuktara.
Science fiction explores an alternate reality. Frees our imagination from the shackles of reality. That liberation is made possible by the infinite thought of science, or rather the infinite possibilities. Science fiction has a long tradition in Western literature. Maybe a hundred and fifty years before Christ. Coming to modernity from Mary Shelley to Jules Verne or H. G. Wells is well known to Bengali readers. The beginning of science fiction in our literature is not before the 20th century.
In our language, those who practiced science fiction took possession of children’s imagination and flew it on the wings of science, Shuktar became one of their places of pilgrimage. The coexistence of mystery-thriller with fantasy science will make this collection a lifelong companion of the Bengali reader’s mind and imagination.

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