Mahakasher Thikana by Amal Dasgupta Bangla ebook


Mahakasher Thikana by Amal Dasgupta Bangla science ebook pdf
e-book name- Mahakasher Thikana
Author name- Amal Dasgupta
File format- PDF
PDF size- 22mb
Pages- 379
Quality- good, without any logo

Mahakasher Thikana by Amal Dasgupta ebook

Space is interesting subject to people from ancient times. Every civilization and people, always watched with curiosity to Space. Ancient civilization and people used to explain about space with various myths. But all civilizations accepted more or less it as the subject of science. This book has more entire information about The Earth, the world, the universe. Collect the astro-science book and known about the hole universe.
Bangla ebook pdf Mahakasher Thikana



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