Bigyan Jokhan Bhabay Bangla science free ebook pdf

Bigyan Jokhan Bhabay Bangla science free ebook pdf file
ebook name- Bigyan Jokhan Bhabay
Author- various scientists and specialists
File format- PDF
Pages- 593
File size- 37mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Bigyan Jokhan Bhabay ebook

Now we’re living in that era, there is no doubt that the era of science. Anyone era is modern to the people of that era.
So we can say to any era is the era of science. Along with the science is moving forward. Maybe, sometime it move forward quickly, very quickly, sometimes continue its slow, slow. India today that the progress of science brought to our attention, it’s unimaginable. In a one chapter of the book, there is so many diverse types of science question has been collected. And Each discussion of the question is self-contained. Current book divided into fourteen chapters. First six chapters about the inorganic science, the next seven about the Biological Sciences and last about diverse question. The first chapter of the first episode about astronomy. Then came physics, electronics and electricity, chemistry, earth science and sea geology and ended with season science. The various matters of the book written by the various scientists and specialists and edited by Arupratan Bhattacharya and Anish Deb. Table of content-
Bigyan Jokhan Bhabay content
Bangla science free ebook pdf Bigyan Jokhan Bhabay

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