Jyotirbigyan Shabdokosh by Farsim Mannan Mohammedi pdf

Jyotirbigyan Shabdokosh by Farsim Mannan Mohammedi, Bengali book pdf
e-book name- ‘Jyotirbigyan Shabdokosh’ (Dictionary of Astronomy)
Written by- Farsim Mannan Mohammedi
Book genre- Science Book,
File format- PDF
PDF size- 48 Mb
Pages- 247
Quality- good, no watermark,

Jyotirbigyan Shabdokosh by Farsim Mannan Mohammodi pdf

‘Jyotirbigyan Shabdokosh’ is a valuable reference book on Astronomy. Astronomy is perhaps the oldest science of human civilization. Recently there have been unprecedented discoveries in the theory and observation of space. Scientists like Stephen Hawking have given many amazing theories.
Similarly, NASA spacecraft has been orbiting Mars, recently telescopes have been taking pictures of the deep sky, and planets have even been discovered in a few stars. Therefore, this book is for those who want to know information about space as citizens of the modern world.
Black holes, neutron stars, pathfinders, dark matter, descriptions of planets in the solar system, comets, descriptions of different constellations, infinite galaxies in the sky— Informative discussion about these topics can be found in this book.
It is a valuable book for astronomy enthusiasts and amateur astronomers, as well as science enthusiasts and science students.

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Dear Readers, collect this Dictionary of Astronomy Book- ‘Jyotirbigyan Shabdokosh’ (Dictionary of Astronomy) Bengali ebook pdf.

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