Moner Niyantran-Yoga-Meditation by Prabir Ghosh pdf

Moner Niyantran-Yoga-Meditation by Prabir Ghosh, Bengali ebook pdf
e-book name- ‘Moner Niyantran-Yoga-Meditation’,
Author name- Prabir Ghosh,
Type of book- Science related book,
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Pages- 198,
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Moner Niyantran-Yoga-Meditation by Prabir Ghosh pdf

Control of the mind, yoga, and meditation.

The author’s words –
Our fragmented knowledge of the brain actually leads to more confusion than knowing the truth. One propaganda is currently going on, all diseases of the human body are cured by ‘yoga’. Hair grows when you rub your nails. Pressing the big toe cures heart disease and so on. This false propaganda is certainly deadly propaganda. You can stay healthy by doing yoga exercises. But in case of an accident or stroke, if you take the help of a yogi without the help of modern medicine, it would be extremely foolish. How much have we tried to know this truth? In fact, without any effort, we believed in the propaganda of the media and supported the ability to cure all diseases through ‘yoga’. We did not understand that this is also part of the state’s brainwashing politics. It is sad when we see so-called brainwashed people making ridiculous statements about ‘yoga’. Not only sorrow but also fear…

This is a rational and courageous book written by Prabir Ghosh. Must read.

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