Aloukik Rahasya- Year 1-5 Edited by Kshirod Prosad Bidya Binod ebooks pdf

Aloukik Rahasya- Year 1-5 Edited by Kshirod Prosad Bidya Binod in Bangla ebooks pdf

ebooks name- Aloukik Rahasya- Year 1-5
Editing – Kshirod Prosad Bidya Binod
Format- PDF
eBook quality- Good

Aloukik Rahasya by Kshirod Prosad Bidya Binod

Kshirod Prosad Bidya Binod (April 12, 1863 – July 4, 1927) was a prominent playwright of British India and educationist. His father’s name was Gurucharan Bhattacharya and born khardoho, 24-Pargana, West Bengal. From an early age he was devoted to literature. In 1885, his Rajnoitik Sannasi (two volumes) narrative was published when he was only twenty-two years old. He wrote 58 books, some of these books are novels and short stories.  The most popular drama Alibaba wrote in 1897. In 1899, he wrote plays ‘Babhrubahan’ and he awarded by the title ‘Bidyabinod’. From 1909 to 1915 he edited a monthly magazine ‘Aloukik Rahasya’.
All my respected blog readers, now I want to share with you five parts of Bangla scarce magazine – ‘Aloukik Rahasya’. The contents that are discussed in the magazine, these are 1. Pretotatto (spiritualism) 2. Sukhsmadarshan 3. Dibyodristi (Clairvoyance) 4. Poroloktatto 5. Porokhsotatto 6. Jib-Sharir-Goto Chambukshakti (Animal magnetism), 7. Mrityurahasya, 8. Bashikaran Bidya (Hypnotism), 9. Maron, 10.Uchchaton, 11. Stambhan, 12. Dakini Bidya or Dayeen Tatto, 13. Janmantarin Ghatana, 14. Adrishyo-Sohay (invisible-helper), 15. Related events of Debota, Upodebota,Gandhorbbo, Kinnor etc. 16. Swapnodarshan, 17. Direct ghostly phenomena. Without these, there are- ?. The spiritual narratives described in our Puranas, 2. Fantastical spiritual novels, 3. The strange or miraculous biography of monks-saints. 4. The miracles held by saints, monks, 5. The miracle of ordinary human life. This rare Bangla magazine ‘Aloukik Rahasya'(Miracle mystery) edited by Khsirodprasad Bidyabinod who was a well-established writer and playwright. There are five parts of this magazine in this post as pdf file.

Collect the parts of ‘Aloukik Rahasya’ Bangla scarce Magazine as pdf.

Aloukik Rahasya- Year 1
Size- 42, Pages-599
Aloukik Rahasya- Year 2
Size-34 , Pages-480
Aloukik Rahasya- Year 3
Size-40 , Pages-578
Aloukik Rahasya- Year 4
Size-42 , Pages-572
Aloukik Rahasya- Year 5
Size-33 , Pages-462

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