Purohit Darpan by Surendramohan Bhattacharya Bangla Mantras ebook pdf


Purohit Darpan by Surendramohan Bhattacharya Bangla Mantras ebook pdf file
ebook name- Purohit Darpan
Author- Surendramohan Bhattacharya
Type- Bangla Tantra-Mantra
File format- PDF
Pages- 1028
File size- 42mb
Quality- best, without any watermark

Purohit Darpan by Surendramohan Bhattacharya

You can worship any god-goddess but it has a method. If you follow the procedures and understand the meaning then the worship is worthwhile. According to the order we should be understood about the simple meaning of the procedures, explanation of the mantra and purpose. Most of the mantras, the establishment of life, the establishment of the pots, the burnt-offering, the sacrifice, all these methods are same. According to god and goddess the main mantras, pranam mantras, meditation mantras, Gayatri mantras and Puspanganjali Mantras are separate to each other. All above these rituals, rules, devotion, mantras and methods can be learn properly from this ancient book.
This book has made a little effort to skilled everyone (especially for Brahman) with ancient Sanskit Hindu mantra education.
Collect the Bangla ancient Sanskit Hindu mantra Boi pdfPurohit Darpan by Surendramohan Bhattacharya



  1. Sir

    I have a confusion about offering of Argho to God or Goddess – on which part of the body of the deity, the Argha should be offered? Is the Argho to be offered on Hands or the Head or the Feet?

    Please enlighten me.

    KN Mukherjee

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