Tantriksadhana O Tantrakahini by Tarapranab Brahmachari Pdf

Tantriksadhana O Tantrakahini by Tarapranab Brahmachari, Bengali Book Pdf
ebook name- ‘Tantriksadhana O Tantrakahini ’
Author- Tarapranab Brahmachari
Book type- Tantra Mantra
File format- PDF
Pages- 205
File size- 12Mb
Quality- Good, without any watermark

Tantriksadhana O Tantrakahini by Tarapranab Brahmachari

There are about 3000 tantra books on Buddhism. But many of these books are not available now. It is difficult to find out the true meaning of Sadhana or Tantra Shastra by reading what is found in it. Until Sadguru-Yogi explains the meaning of symbolic and symbolic usage. And that is why Tantra Sadhana is truly a mysterious mystery to the general public.

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This mystery has many layers. Uncovering each cover is very difficult. The author had the good fortune to uncover the veil in the presence of Reverend Srimat Swami Satchidananda Paramahansji and Yogisrestha Srimat Swami Pranavananda Pitaji Maharaj.
So that Tantra becomes easy in the eyes of the general public, the author breaks through the mystery of symbolism and tells the truth to the readers.

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