Himalaya (all parts) by Shanku Maharaj


Himalaya (all parts) by Shanku Maharaj ebooks pdf
Format- PDF
eBook quality- Good

Himalaya (all parts) by Shanku Maharaj

Shanku Maharaj, real name is Jyotirmoy Ghosh Dastidar, he is a well-known author in Bengali literature. He is very popular in travelogues writing. Born on March 7, 1931, at Barishal, Bangladesh. Father’s name was Haripada Ghosh Dastidar. His Childhood education at the local Brajmohan School and College. After partition, he graduated from Bangabasi College at Calcutta. In his early life, he worked in a mercantile office and then in a government office from 1960 to 1988. He has an outstanding contribution to Bengali travel literature. His first travelogue is ‘Biglit Karuna Jahnavi Jamuna’. All his writings are about travel, such as Panchaprayag, Amrabati Assam, Amartirtha Amarnath, Tamsar Tire Tire, etc. The best composition of the writer is the book of Himalaya.

Now I want to share with all my blog readers a collection of travelogue ebooks pdf of- Himalaya. I have ebooks of Himalaya part-1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 now I’ll share these parts as pdf. You can also collect another book of his writing, named- Charonrekha

Collect the ebooks pdf of Himalaya-
Himalaya Vol- 1
Pages- 412
PDF size- 35mb

Himalaya Vol- 2
Pages- 312
PDF size- 26mb

Himalaya Vol- 3
Pages- 425
PDF size- 30mb

Himalaya Vol- 4
Pages- 399
PDF size- 32mb

Himalaya Vol- 5
Pages- 436
PDF size- 34mb



    1. @subhasis babu, thanks for saying this problem. We have added a searchbar-‘Search book from this blog’, write book or author name in the box and find this easily.

    1. @Shirsendu, thank you for this information, I tested all pdf files, these are fine with Adobe Reader, Nitro Pro. Please say which apps you are using to read pdf. If I know then I’ll try to fix the file in the same way.

    1. I am so grateful to you for remembering to upload the so far missing volume 4. I live abroad and was desperate to read Tomasar teere teere, cannot thank you enough.

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