Pathe Prabase by Annadashankar Roy pdf

Pathe Prabase by Annadashankar Roy, Bengali book pdf
ebook name- ‘Pathe Prabase’,
Written by – Annadashankar Roy,
Type of book- A travelogue article,
File format- PDF,
PDF size- 11 Mb,
Pages- 189,
Quality- Good, no watermark,

Pathe Prabase by Annadashankar Roy pdf

Pathe Prabase (1929) written by Annadashankar Roy is a pure and excellent travelogue. This book does not record the material details of the places mentioned in the name of travel, nor does it cover the romance of men and women under the guise of travel. The subject of this book is how travel abroad—especially in Europe—can change the mind of a young Indian.
Annadashankar was in Bilat from 1927 to 1929 on the occasion of the I. C. S. examination. At that time he touched all the special places of Western Europe with his restless and inquisitive mind. That enquiry, curiosity, and love of life is the raktim signature of ‘Pathe Prabase’.
Pathe-Prabase’ book is a worthwhile book. The author saw new countries, new societies, and new people, and took from them the strange message of life, and strange passions. Again, in a sense, it is the author’s self-discovery.
This book, written by Annadashankar Roy, cannot be called a complete travelogue. The author has recorded all the stories of his two years in Europe in this book. But unlike travelogues, many spiritual experiences are also described on almost every page.

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