Ramprasad: Jiboni O Rachanasamagra bangla pdf download

Ramprasad: Jiboni O Rachanasamagra bangla pdf download
ebook name- Ramprasad: Jiboni O Rachanasamagra
Written and edited by- D. Satyanarayan Bhattachariya
Book genre- Biography and songs collection book
File format- PDF
Pages- 384
File size- 22mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Ramprasad Jiboni O Rachanasamagra

“Kabiranjan” Ramprasad Sen (1718 or 1723 – 1775) was a prominent 18th century Bengali Shakta poet and saint. He is better known for writing the devotional song of Goddess Kali in Bangla language; his writing “Ramprasadi” songs are still equally popular. There are various real and miraculous legends related to Ramprasad’s life are preached in the Bengali society. He is one of the main figures of the eighteenth century Bengal’s Bhakti movement. He popularized the devotional Shakta religion and the section of the Goddess Kali Lilakirtan Shyamsangit. There is Goddess Kali also seen as a loving mother and even a little girl in his song.
Ramprasad Sen’s notable works are Vidyasundar, Kalikirtan, Krishna Kirtan and Shaktigiti. Nadia Maharaj Krishnachandra Roy was impressed by Ramprasad’s song. Maharaja was also a devotee of Goddess Kali. So he gave Ramprasad the honor of the ‘Sobha Kobi’ and ‘Kabiranjan’. It is also heard that Nawab Sirajuddaula and Sufi Saints too were fascinated by the spiritual song of Ramprasad.

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Dear readers, you can be found the biography of the great saint and his writing songs from this book. Ramprasad attained that knowledge through many worships, we will know those facts by reading the book.

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Friends, collect this biography and Kali-songs collection book- ‘Ramprasad: Jiboni O Rachanasamagra’ bangla pdf download.

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