Sajano Bagan by Dhiraj Bhattachariya old bengali books pdf

Sajano Bagan by Dhiraj Bhattachariya old bengali books pdf file

ebook name- Sajano Bagan
Author- Dhiraj Bhattachariya
File format- PDF
Pages- 124
File size- 7mb
Quality- best, without any watermark

Sajano Bagan by Dhiraj BhattachariyaWhat is the author say about the book-
The stories have been written at different times in my life. When I feel the need for self-expression in short leisure time of my actor life, I fill those requirements by written stories. The stories were published in various newspapers and magazines.
Now, all gathered together and published by Jitendra Nath Mukhopadyay of the Indian Associated. So I am grateful to him. My ‘Sajano Bagan’ is another form of my self-expression.
I do not have any such desire that this publication can give satisfaction to the readers of all categories. If some part of readers enjoy this writing then I will be satisfied myself- Dhiraj Bhattachariya

Dhiraj Bhattacharya is the name of a star of this sub-continent film world. He won the hearts of millions of people by acting in the fifties. He was interested in literature also. Alongside the movie, he wrote two autobiographical and some more books. These are- ‘Jakhan Nayak Chhilam’ and ‘Jakhan Police Chhilam’, other books are- ‘Mon Niye Khela’, ‘Sajano Bagan’, ‘Mohuya Milan’ etc.

Now I want to share a book of his written- ‘Sajano Bagan’. There are eight stories in this collection, these are-
‘Palka Sutur Ghuri’
‘Joler Dak’
‘Reyajuddiner Goli’
‘Shesher Dik’
‘Sakal Dukher Pradip’
‘Ekti Chhotto Mithyekotha’
‘Amar Sajano Bagan’

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Dear Bengali readers could collect this old bengali books pdf- ‘Sajano Bagan by Dhiraj Bhattachariya‘..

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