Sri Ramkrishna Bhaktamalika (Vol- 1 & 2) by Swami Gambhirananda । Bangla ebooks pdf

Sri Ramkrishna Bhaktamalika (Vol- 1 & 2) by Swami Gambhirananda, Bangla ebooks pdf
ebook name- Sri Ramkrishna Bhaktamalika (Vol- 1 & 2)
Writer- Swami Gambhirananda
Book genre- Biography Book
File format- PDF
Quality- best, without any watermark

Sri Ramkrishna Bhaktamalika by Swami Gambhirananda pdf

When Sri Bhagwan (God) descends into the world, he has two main purposes. The first is the eradication of the filth of religion according to the need of the age, the second is the enjoyment of taste. As a helper in both these works, he also brought specially qualified envoys to this Dharadham. If they were born in different places, but they meet him in time and by his grace soon become aware of their nature and their eternal relationship with him.
In this way, they not only achieved themselves but also became the helpers of this divine game of Sri Bhagwan. Some of them are part of God, some of them are appendages, some of them are his companions. As long as God exists in the world in the gross body, they rejoice with him and at the same time give him pleasure. And formed their respective religious lives according to his advice.

The aforesaid words also apply to the intimate and especially favored devotees of Lord Ramakrishna. The fact that they were not the people of this world can be easily understood by reviewing the unprecedented progress in their way of life and spirituality from their childhood.
They are raised at different levels of society like all other people but overcame various obstacles with an inherent motivation, in most places they reached the footsteps of Sri Ramakrishna at the beginning of their youth, and finding a new kingdom in his divine touch, when you read that, you have to be extremely surprised. Even more astonishing is the strange ability of Sri Ramakrishna to recognize the persons and lead them to the realm of religion according to their own signs.
There was no difference between men and women, the homeless, Brahmins, and Shudras. No physical covering can resist his transcendental vision. In some places, Jagatmata had informed him in advance of their arrival. Therefore, at the end of the sadhana period, he anxiously awaited the arrival of these identified devotees.
We find many examples of this power of Sri Ramakrishna in authentic books like ‘Sri Sri Ramakrishna-Kathamrita’, ‘Sri Sri Ramakrishna-Lilaprasanga’, ‘Sri Sri Ramakrishna-Puthi’, etc.

From these two books we can know the short but authentic biographies of all those special disciples of Sri Ramkrishna.

1.Sri Ramkrishna Bhaktamalika, Vol-1
Size- 32mb
Pages- 537
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2.Sri Ramkrishna Bhaktamalika, Vol-2
Size- 12mb
Pages- 557
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