Khyapa Khunje Phere by Joydeb Mukhopadhyay । Bangla Book pdf

Khyapa Khunje Phere (Part- 1 and 2) by Joydeb Mukhopadhyay- Bangla Book pdf
ebook name- khyapa Khunje Phere
Writer- Dr. Joydeb Mukhopadhyay
Book genre- Documentary
File format- PDF
Size- 51mb
Pages- 236
Quality- good but mobile scan, without any watermark

khyapa Khunje Phere by Joydeb Mukhopadhyay pdf

In this vast world, the losers who have spent their entire lives in search of the mysteries of creation, have not looked for their own interests, have not dreamed of their own house, what else would people call them ‘maverick, chaotic’. Or they will be called ‘Khyapa’ in a word. There is no response from ‘Khyapa’ for all this.
With great joy, these ‘Khyapa’ have been searching for ages, with the fierce passion of breaking the impenetrable net of unknown mysteries. Just as the search does not end for them, the name ‘Khyapa’ will never disappear.

Yet, at the bend in the path of this search, if ever heard of a little sympathy, a hint of sympathy, then blessed is the heart of Khyapa.
Thinking of himself as unique, the mind of Kshyapa became overwhelmed with absolute joy. Joydev Babu has written the story of the ‘Khunje Pherar’ of one of those Khyapa.
Will it be possible for the author to express the heart of this ‘khyapa’ in the right way?

Author and researcher Joydev Mukherjee is the name of a legend that many have heard of, many people find him but no one can say anything about him in detail. When discussing the mystery of the disappearance of Sri Chaitanya, the mysterious death of this researcher comes up again and again.

Khyapa Khunje Phere, Part – 1
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Khyapa Khunje Phere, Part – 2
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Dear reader, collect the Interrogatory book about Sri Chaitanya disappearance mystery ‘Khyapa Khunje Phere (part-1 & 2) by Joydeb Mukhopadhyay’ Bangla book pdf

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