Andhokare Bhalobasa by Banani Shikdar pdf

Andhokare Bhalobasa by Banani Shikdar, Bengali novel pdf
ebook name- ‘Andhokare Bhalobasa’
Written by- Banani Sikdar
Book genre- A different type of novel
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 1Mb
Pages- 98 (double pages)
Quality- HQ, without any watermark

Andhokare Bhalobasa by Banani Shikdar pdf

A Heart Touching novel by Banani Shikdar.
There is always a tight tension in the writing of this eminent modern writer. She highlights the complex characters of human life with extraordinary skill in her writing. Along with this, there is her modern mentality. Not believing in any taboo or doctrine, Banani’s writing effortlessly goes in search of the desired estuary like a flowing water stream of the river.
Over the past few years, the author has painted a solid picture of acceptance in front of her readers. So the thought of the subject matter of each of her novels attracts us. In addition to ‘Pipasa Jakhan’, the second part of ‘Bastaber Adaley’ (Behind the Reality), ‘Samoy Tomar Haat Dhore’ or ‘’, Banani has changed her writing direction repeatedly like a migratory bird.

What is the fact of the novel Andhokare Bhalobasa:

Tamas thinks that in our patriarchal society, there is a matriarchal rule over him in their home where he is the only man who is burning in the fire of subjugation. Tamas fell in love for the first time in his life at the age of 34 after being oppressed by his mother, father, and sister. What is that love? What if this poorly educated low-income Tamas is threatened with imprisonment for not being able to repay a credit card loan? What is the experience of working in different companies? What happens when he meets a beautiful woman named Urbi who is standing on a huge economic structure and is not completely Indian? What is the story of Urbi’s life? Read this novel to know.

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