Aranyer Adhikar by Mahashweta Debi Bengali Book pdf

Aranyer Adhikar by Mahashweta Debi Bengali Novel pdf
ebook name- ‘Aranyer Adhikar’
Author- Mahashweta Debi
Book type- Bengali novel
File format- PDF
Pages- 326
File size- 16Mb
Quality- Not Bad, without any watermark

Aranyer Adhikar by Mahashweta Debi pdf

The background of this story is the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Munda tribe people living in Chotanagpur have been subjected to exploitation for a long time. They are forest dwellers, they are the original and genuine inhabitants of the forest. But the tyrannical Dikus(Mahajans, Jotdars, Zamindars) and the British government repeatedly evicted the Mundas from their forest habitats, using them as slaves to create mountains of wealth. But the poor Mundas are not even able to eat, they have no shelter and food.
Birsa Munda renews the dream of giving back their rights and homeland to these oppressed, downtrodden Mundas. Under the leadership of the twenty-five-year-old youth Birsa, the Mundas engaged in a struggle to restore Aranyamata’s rights and establish their own rights. Their adversaries are the Diku and the tyrannical British government.

Naturally, the British government could not accept this rebellion. The British government killed the Mundas by firing, imprisoning them without trial, and stifling their movement.
May Birsa Munda live in the hearts of people. An excellent factual novel.

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