Ei Prithibir Rangaloy by Tripti Mitra pdf

Ei Prithibir Rangaloy by Tripti Mitra, Bengali book pdf
ebook name- ‘Ei Prithibir Rangaloy’
Author- Tripti Mitra
Book type- Short stories collection
File format- PDF
Pages- 125
File size- 7Mb
Quality- Good, without any watermark

Ei Prithibir Rangaloy by Tripti Mitra pdf

The author of the stories collected in this book is one of the first-class actors of an era, who has the ability to enthrall countless audiences by effectively portraying multiple characters.
In these stories written by her, various characters appear one after the other. As diverse as their roles are, so are their consequences. In fact, therein lies the significance of the book’s naming.
These very simple stories have something to say beyond language. Some pain, some failure, or veiled sarcasm. That is, when speaking in the language ends, the speech does not end.

There are eight stories in this book, these are-
Ki Jeno Stationtar Naam
Purano Gandho
Jhapsa Aloy
Anushuyake Shakuntala
Ekta Beral Ekta Lok

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