Banga Bhasha O Sahitya (vol-1 and 2) by Dinesh Chandra Sen ebook

Banga Bhasha O Sahitya (vol-1 and 2) by Dinesh Chandra Sen pdf to ebook format
e-book name- Banga Bhasha O Sahitya (vol-1 and 2)
Author name- Dinesh Chandra Sen
File format- PDF
Quality- good, no watermark

Bangabhasha O Sahitya by Dinesh Chandra Sen

Haraprasad Shastri was discovered manuscript of Charyapada in 1907 then Bengali literature touched the earliest history. But there is a doubt that thousand-year-old language, is Bengali? and Could be confident when suniti Chattopadhyay’s “Origin and Development of the Bengali Language” was published in 1926. But before all of these groundbreaking discoveres, in the ancient time were written in the history of Bengali literature. Ramgoti Nayaratna wrote the first time- ‘Bangala Bhasha O Bangala Sahitya Bisayak Prastav’. Dirojiyan Kashiprasad Ghosh wrote many articles on the subject in English long ago. After then Rangalala Banerjee, Bankim Chandra wrote about the reliable articles on the history of Bengali literature. Ramesh Dutt wrote in English- ‘Literature of Bengal’ in 1877. Thereafter Dinesh Chandra Sen wrote ‘Banga Bhasha O Sahitya’, remarkable- when the book first came out in 1896, then Charyapada was still undiscovered. So friends today I’ll share with you a valuable book in two parts pdf to ebook format.

Banga Bhasha O Sahitya part-1
pages- 474
size- 33mb

Banga Bhasha O Sahitya part-2
pages- 488
size- 32mb

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