Banafuler Chhotoder Shrshtha Galpo Bangla pdf

Banafuler Chhotoder Shrshtha Galpo Bangla pdf file
ebook name- Banafuler Chhotoder Shrshtha Galpo
Author- Balaichand Mukhopadhyay
File format- PDF
Pages- 114
File size- 5mb
Quality- best, without any watermark

Banafuler Chhotoder Shrshtha Galpo
Balaichand Mukhopadhyay (1899-1979) was an eminent poet, story writer, play wright. He is well known under the pseudonym ‘Banful’. This author had an interest in literature since his childhood and he wrote poetry in the name of ‘Banful’ while studying in school. He edited a hand writing literary magazine titled ‘Bikash’ (1915) which was published in articles, poems, stories, translations etc. From this period, his literary works were published in famous magazines as Bharti (1877), Prabasi (1901), Kallol (1923) etc. His poetry’s perfect rhythm and ability to select stories and he topic of the story and the skill of language, these topics draw attention to the readers. The main subject of his poems is the cosmic consciousness, love and self realization. He introduced the innovation in creating new trends and different kinds of stories. And wrote sixty one novels and six hundred stories.
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There are some list of notable novels – Trinakhanda (1935), Jangam (1945), Agni (1946), Dana (1955), Sthabar (1951), Agnishwar (1959), Hatebazare (1961), Tribarna (1963), Bhubansom (1963) etc. Now I want to share Banafuler best children stories collection book- ‘Banafuler Chhotoder Shrshtha Galpo’ as pdf file. There are Thirteen stories in this book, these are- ‘Matsya Puran’, ‘Raja’, ‘Banya Mahish’, ‘Thakumar Boithake’, ‘Mayakanan’, ‘Sripati Samanta’, ‘Abak Kanda’, ‘Canbhasar’, ‘Alok Pari’, ‘Lal Bonat’, ‘Manusher Mon’, ‘Dui Bhiskhuk’, ‘Kobi Janen’.

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