Hasir Galpo by Premendra Mitra Bangla book pdf

Hasir Galpo by Premendra Mitra Bangla book pdf file
ebook name- Hasir Galpo
Author- Premendra Mitra
File format- PDF
Pages- 83
File size- 10mb
Quality- not bad, without any watermark

Hasir Galpo by Premendra Mitra
Renowned author- Premendra Mitra used the pseudonym ‘Krittibas Bhadra’. He was a poet, novelist, storyteller, essayist and filmmaker who was born in Kashi or Benaras. Not only that, he wrote science fiction and thriller in Bangla. A popular fictional character ‘Ghanada’ which is created by this author. ‘Ghanada’ full name Ghanashyam Das, he is a storyteller and omniscient who live in a Messabari and till now he is favorite to readers of all ages. This immortal character is a resident of Messabari of 72 no. Bonamali Naskar Lane, was first published in 1945. He also wrote many short stories and novels whose main character is ‘Parashar Barma’. His created another fictional adventure character is ‘Mamababu’. When ‘Dragoner Nishwas’ came out in 1948 then ‘Mamababu’ became popular to the readers.
His notable works are- ‘Pipre Puran’, ‘Patale Panch Bachhar’, ‘Moydanober Dwip’, ‘Shukre Jara Giyechhilen’, ‘Manudwadash’, ‘Surya Jekhane Nil’, ‘Ora Thake Odhare‘ etc.

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Now I want to share a laughter story book- ‘Hasir Galpo by Premendra Mitra’ as pdf file. There are six Bangla laughter story in this book, these are ‘Bhupaler Kopal’, ‘Poropokar’, ‘Niruddesh’, ‘Sanu O Dudhrajkumar’, ‘Aporup Kotha’, ‘Bishwambhar Babur Bibartanbad’.
Collect the Bengla Hasir Galper boi pdfHasir Galpo by Premendra Mitra

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