Duniyar Ghanada by Premendra Mitra ebook pdf

Duniyar Ghanada by Premendra Mitra in Bangla ebook pdf
Book name- Duniyar Ghanada
Author – Premendra Mitra
Format- PDF
size- 6MB
Pages- 109
eBook quality- Good

Duniyar Ghanada by Premendra Mitra

Ghanada is a popular fictional character in Bangla literature. The character was created in 1945 by the prominent author Premendra Mitra. The actual name of Ghanada is Ghanashyam Das. Ghanada, tell incredible and absurd stories about his life of adventure to four young men in his neighborhood mess home. Although the stories are absurd but most of the basic informations are substantive. Today I’ll share with you an ebook pdf of ‘Duniyar Ghanada’. The book has five story, these are- Kanta, Gaan, Kichak Badhe Ghanada, Prithibi Barlo Na Keno, Ghanadar Dhanurbhanga.

Duniyar Ghanada content
Get the ebook pdf of Duniyar Ghanada.

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