Ghanada Tasya Tasya Amnibas by Premendra Mitra free ebook pdf


Ghanada Tasya Tasya Amnibas by Premendra Mitra Bangla free ebook pdf
e-book name- Ghanada Tasya Tasya Amnibas
Author name- Premendra Mitra
File format- PDF
PDF size- 32mb
Pages- 518
Quality- good, no watermark

Ghanada Tasya Tasya Amnibas by Premendra Mitra ebook

Sri Ghanashyam Das, the tall, thin, out-to-dry bone Bangali eloquent. It is impossible to guess the age of the person. He can be any age like thirty-five to fifty-five. The hole world patroling is his work. There is no place on earth where he did not go. Any event never happened where he was not involved. To tell all these miracle events of the wonder land, Ghanada was chat in the first floor. Ghanada is a popular fictional character in Bengali literature which was create by prominent Bengali author Premendra Mitra in 1945. Today I’ll share with you a ebook pdf ‘Ghanada Tasya Tasya Amnibas’. There are four stories in the book, these are Das Holen Ghanada, Surya Kandle Sona, Agra Jokhan Tolmol, Rabinson Krusho Meye Chhilen. Readers can also read Duniyar Ghanada as pdf.
Ghanada Tasya Tasya Amnibas content
Bangla free ebook pdf Ghanada Tasya Tasya Amnibas


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