Dinabandhu Rachanabali (The entire composition in one part) by Dinabandhu Mitra

Dinabandhu Rachanabali by Dinabandhu Mitra Bangla eBook in PDF

Book name- Dinabandhu Rachanabali
Author – Dinabandhu Mitra
Format- PDF
size- 42MB
Pages- 483
eBook quality- excellent

Dinabandhu Rachanabali by Dinabandhu Mitra

Dinabandhu Mitra (1830- 1st November 1873) One of the greatest architects of the Bengali drama in nineteenth century. He was born in Chouberiyay, distric of Nadia, West Bengal. Father name was Kalachand Mitra. His drama “Nildarpan” was first published in 1860 and his second play “Nabin Taposwini” was published in 1863. “Sadhobar Ekadoshi” and “Biye Pagla Buru” are his best comedy drama and his another comedy drama “Jamai Barik” was published in 1872. His last drama “Kamole Kamini” was published in 1873. In addition to dramas, he wrote two book of poems- “Dwadash Kabita” (1872) and “Surdhuni Kabyo” (1871-1876). Today I’ll share with you, a Bangla book of Dinabandhu Rachanabali. There are 8 complate dramas, 2 Stories and novels and 3 poetry. Get the Rachanabali in PDF.

Table of Contents-

Dinabandhu Rachanabali by Dinabandhu Mitra contant
Get the Dinabandhu Rachanabali in PDF.

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