Dinesh Chandra sen’s lot ebook collection in pdf

Dinesh Chandra sen’s lot Bangla ebook collection in pdf
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Dinesh Chandra sener ebooks
Dinesh Chandra sen (1866-1939) was an educationist, researcher, scholar of folk literature, historian of Bengali literature. He was born on November 3, 1866, in the village of Bagjuri in Manikganj district. His father- Ishwar Chandra Sen was a lawyer at the court in Manikganj and his mother’s name was Ruplata Debi. Poet and journalist Samar Sen is his grandson. In 1890, when he was responsible for the headmaster of Comilla Victoria school then he collected ancient Bangla manuscripts from various parts of rural Bengal. In 1896, with those ancient documents, he wrote the history of Bengali literature by the title of “Bangabhasha O Sahitya”. In 1911, his famous book “History of Bengali literature” was published. In 1921 the Government of India was given to him the title “Rai Bahadur”. dear readers, now I want to share a lot ebook collection of his written books which lists are below.

Ashutosh SmritikathaAshutosh Smritikatha
Pages- 404
Size- 30mb

Banglar PuranariBanglar Puranari
Pages- 525
Size- 20mb

Brihat BangaBrihat Banga (Palashir Juddha Parjanta)
Pages- 397
Size- 33mb

Gharer Katha O Yuga SahityaGharer Katha O Yuga Sahitya
Pages- 281
Size- 22mb

Pages- 244
Size- 12mb

Padabali MadhurjyaPadabali Madhurjya
Pages- 175
Size- 8mb

Puratani Mushlim Nari ChitraPuratani Mushlim Nari Chitra
Pages- 190
Size- 7mb

Ramayani KathaRamayani Katha
Pages- 245
Size- 9mb

Pages- 94
Size- 5mb

Shyamal O KajjalShyamal O Kajjal
Pages- 219
Size- 9mb

Subal Sakhar KandaSubal Sakhar Kanda
Pages- 91
Size- 2mb

Pages- 154
Size- 3mb


Banga Bhasha O Sahitya (vol-1 and 2)

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