Ei Dweep, Ei Nirbasan by Manoj Bhowmik free ebook download pdf

Ei Dweep, Ei Nirbasan by Manoj Bhowmik free ebook download pdf
ebook name- Ei Dweep, Ei Nirbasan
Writer name- Manoj Bhowmik
Book genre- the family novel
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 24mb
Pages- 404
Quality- good, without any watermark

Ei Dweep, Ei Nirbasan by Manoj Bhowmik pdf

It is a family novel by Manoj Bhowmik
Story hint-
A Bengali couple started living in America permanently. Their only daughter grew up in the country, but her father could not get out of his own country culture. He wanted, as much as her daughter is educated in English education, yet she will be a Bengali in her mind. The girl’s mother was absolutely silent about this. Although she did not agree with her husband, she did not oppose it or did not achieve that courage. As a result, she suffered from mental hardship, she kept silent.

Meanwhile, the girl fell in love with a black young man. The father became angry when he heard the news. The angry conversation between the father and daughter and there the daughter showed much logic for her love but her father’s logic isn’t the point.
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Dear readers, collect the family novel with an excellent story– ‘Ei Dweep, Ei Nirbasan by Manoj Bhowmik’ free ebook download pdf.

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