Er Nam Sangsar by Bimal Mitra in PDF File

Er Nam Sangsar by Bimal Mitra Bangla eBook in PDF

Book name- Er Nam Sangsar
Author – Bimal Mitra
Format- PDF
size- 17MB
Pages- 347
eBook quality- good

Er Nam Sangsar by Bimal Mitra

Bimal Mitra (1912 – 1991) was an Indian Bengali writer. He wrote literature in Bengali and Hindi language. His first novel “Chai”, he became famous by writing a novel ‘Saheb Bibi Golam’ in five decades. His other famous novels are Kari Diye Kinlam, Ekak Dashak Shatak, Chalo Kolkata, Pati Param Guru, Naphar Sankirtan, Khel Nasib Ka etc. Almost five hundred short stories and hundreds novel writer Bimal Mitra was awarded Rabindra Puruskar in 1964 for his novel Kari Diye Kinlam. His works have been implemented in several Indian movies and received the Filmfare Award for best screenplay. Today I’ll share with you, his Bangla book “Er Nam Sangsar”.

Get eBook Er Nam Sangsar in PDF.

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