Jangam by Banaphul, Bengali Novel pdf

Jangam by Banaphul, Bengali Novel pdf
ebook name- ‘Jangam’ Vols- 1,2,3
Writer name- Banaphul (Balaichand Mukhopadhyay)
Book genre- The novel
Quality- good, no watermark

Jangam by Banaphul pdf

‘Jangam’ is not just an extraordinary novel, in fact, it is a modern epic by Banaful. The background of this novel is very vast and varied ওhich extends from the metropolis of Bengal to the villages of Bihar. The author has gathered innumerable diverse, oriented, and divergent characters here. Here is the main character ‘Shankar’ who is the center of this vast novel. There is an infallible attraction in the writing of Banaphul that can be felt by reading this book.

Balaichand Mukherjee alias Banaful started writing from adolescence. As a writer, he has written more than a thousand poems, 586 short stories, 60 novels, 5 plays, and numerous essays in addition to biographical essays.
The PDF of five chapters in three volumes of this author’s novel ‘Jangam’ is shared in this post.

1. Jangam, Vol-1, chapter- 1
Pages- 174
File size- 3mb
Collect the pdf or Read it online

2. Jangam, Vol-2, chapter- 2 and 3
Pages- 153
File size- 10mb
Collect the pdf or Read it online

3. Jangam, Vol-3, chapter- 4 and 5
Pages- 170
File size- 10Mb
Collect the pdf or Read it online

Dear readers, collect the eminent novel- ‘Jangam by Banaphul‘ pdfs

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