Mahatirtha Ekanna Pither Sandhane by Nigurananda pdf

Mahatirtha Ekanna Pither Sandhane by Nigurananda pdf
ebook name- ‘Mahatirtha Ekanna Pither Sandhane’
Writer- Nigurananda (Sachidananda Sarkar)
Book genre- Religious
File format- PDF
Size- 17Mb
Pages- 277
Quality- good, without any watermark

Mahatirtha Ekanna Pither Sandhane by Nigurananda pdf

Some words about this great book-

The three main Hindu deities are Shiva, Shakti, and Vishnu. So the pilgrimage places of Shaiva, Shakta, and Vaishnavism are spread all over India. Fifty-one of these Mahapeeths are mainly known as Shakta Peetha places.
The most notable book in English is ‘The Sakta Pithas’, written by Dr. Dinesh Chandra Sarkar on the origin, development, and geographical location of the Shakta religion in India. The present author Nigurananda took a lot of information from that book and has presented it in his own book in a pleasant manner. As a result, the historical status of Nigurananda’s book has increased significantly. In this context, it is important to note that Dr. Dinesh Chandra Sarkar could not determine the geographical location of each of the 51 Mahapeeths. Although he has determined the location of most of the holy places. In the book “Mahatirtha Ekanna Pither Sandhane” (In Search of the Great Tirtha Ekanna Peetha), Nigurananda sheds light on the location of several other indefinite Mahapeethas.
In this regard, he has skillfully applied the experience of experienced travelers. The author did not stop at determining the location of the Mahapithas, but also gave directions for the pilgrimage and resting places in his book. As a result, the book will be considered as an invaluable resource for the pilgrims. Apart from that, no significant book on Ekannapithas not writing in Bengali till now. The present book undoubtedly demands to fill that gap. And the historical value of this book is immense.

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