Purohit Darpan by Shankar Bangla story book pdf

Purohit Darpan by Shankar Bangla story book pdf file
ebook name- Purohit Darpan
Author- Mani Shankar Mukhopadhyay (Shankar)
File format- PDF
Pages- 277
File size- 15mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Purohit Darpan by Shankar ebook

Mani Shankar Mukhopadhyay, also known as Shankar, a  popular Indian writer. Famous director Satyajit Ray made two film based on his written story- ‘Simabaddho’ and ‘Jono Aranya’. A movie was made base on his novel- ‘Chowringhee’. Notable books of his writing are- Rasabati, Ekdin Hathat, Bodhodoy, Ek Dui Tin, Banglar Meye, Patra-Patri, Tonoya, Man Sanman, Hanimoon, Anek Dur, Bittobasona, Sohosa, Kamona Basona, Potobhumi etc. Today’s sharable book in pdf- ‘Purohit Darpan’, there are seven author’s selected stories in this book, these are- Purohit Darpan, Bishuddho Siddhanta, Balmiki Keno Mahabharat Likhte Raji Holen Na, Ajab Abishkar, Ajab Stetho, Ajab Apyayan, Ajob Ticket.
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Bangla story book pdf Purohit Darpan.

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  1. I m using moon reader..but i can’t understand the language..what can i do now??the sentences are tangled with each other only in case bengali books..but English books are fine..

    1. Probably, there are selected Justify paragraph, please change it, and it will be fine. Or you may use- eReader Prestigio : Book Reader apps.

      1. Thank you so much for your suggestion.. This app(prestigio) is better than moon reader..works nicely on my phone.. Thank you..

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