Jim Corbett Omnibus (part-1 and 2) Bangla digital books

Jim Corbett Omnibus (part-1 and 2) Bangla digital books pdf
ebook name- Jim Corbett Omnibus
Parts- 1 and 2
Edited by- Mahashweta Debi
File type- PDF
Quality- Nice and without any watermark

Jim Corbett Omnibus Bangla ebook

If you love to read or listen to the hunting stories, surely you have heard the name of Jim Corbett’s. According to official documents, he killed a total of 436 tigers. Full name is Edward James Corbett (July 25, 1875 – April 19, 1955) he is an Indian Irish hunter. In addition to the well-known hunter, he was a prominent environmentalist. Corbett National Park of India is named according to his name. There are many people in the world who are immortal for their ability, talent, courage, valor and patriotism. Among them, the brave hunter Jim Corbett’s name is especially noteworthy. Notable books of his writings are- Man Eaters of Kumayun (1944), The Man-Eating Lepard of Rudraproyag (1947), My India (1952), Jangol Lor (1953), The Temple Tiger and More Man Eaters of Kumayun (1954). The first edition of the first book has been sold a total of two and a half million copies and has been translated into 7 languages. Those who read his writings, they know that his writing has an attracting force. Now I want to share with all my dear readers, ‘Jim Corbett Omnibus’ parts-  edited by Mahashweta Debi.

Jim Corbett Omnibus part- 1
Pages- 491
Size- 23mb

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Jim Corbett Omnibus part- 2
Pages- 502
Size- 13mb

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