Na Manushi ‘Biswakosh’ (Part- 1&2) by Narayan Sanyal pdf

Na-Manushi ‘Biswakosh’ (Part- 1&2) by Narayan Sanyal, An Animal Encyclopedia pdf
ebook name- Na-Manushi ‘Biswakosh,
Author- Narayan Sanyal,
Book genre- Science base book,
File format- PDF,
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Na Manushi Biswakosh pdf

In the animal kingdom, ‘man’ is omnipotent and like an elder brother. At least from that point of view, it is the responsibility of this human race to take care of the younger brothers morally. But before that, we need to love them and need to know them intimately. Every year many impeccable books on this subject are being published in English. And there we continue to write hunting books for teenagers. But some people are always aware of the responsibilities of the ‘elder brother’. Like Manishi Rajendralal Mitra, also tried to introduce the Bengali reader to animals and birds. Gopal Chandra Bhattacharya’s ‘Banglar Kitpatanga‘ is another landmark. The achievements of Salem Ali and Ajay Home in the field of birds are also memorable.
But we have always felt the lack of a collection of scientific information and theories about the entire animal kingdom. These two books will make up for that shortcoming.

The author has arranged the subjects in an interesting manner, even though not strictly following the code of norms. Starting from the origin of life, he moves to Geological Evolution, Animal Evolution. Plant Life, Homage to Plants, Classification of Animals, followed by discussions on some specific groups, like Protozoa, Porifera, Cnidaria, Helminthes, Annilida, Molluscs, Crustacca, Insects, Echinoderms, etc.
In an unusual style, he has interpolated the chapters at various places with illustrated short stories on love for animals. Similarly, the riddle on the inner cover provides a refreshing interlude between attentive exercises.
The book is certainly not meant only for juveniles. In a way this contribution is a step to fulfill the pledge from the World Wildlife Charter, 1962 :

1. Na Manushi ‘Biswakosh’ Part- 1, Invertebrate
Pages- 271
PDF Size- 69Mb
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2. Na Manushi ‘Biswakosh’ Part- 2, Vertebrate
Pages- 250
PDF Size- 73Mb
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Dear readers, collect this science base books ‘Na Manushi ‘Biswakosh’ (Part- 1&2) by Narayan Sanyal‘ Bangla book pdf

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