Bharater Rajnaitik Cartoon Charcha by Sumit Ghosh pdf

Bharater Rajnaitik Cartoon Charcha by Sumit Ghosh, Bangla book pdf
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Written By- Sumit Ghosh,
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Bharater Rajnaitik Cartoon Charcha pdf

Cartoons are an ancient branch of fine arts and political cartoons are one of its branches. Cartoon-art originated in Europe in the eighteenth century. William Hagarth (1897-184) is considered to be the pioneer of Biliti cartoons. In the next century, cartoons entered our country from Britain through the hands of Prannath and Girindra Kumar, two brothers of the Hatkhola Dutta dynasty. Of course, the contribution of saheb is enough to start the practice of cartoons in our country.

But according to Bengali cartoonists, Gaganendranath Tagore is the right pioneer of Indian cartooning. And at that time, several students of painting were encouraged by the influence of Gaganendranath’s cartoon practice. Notable among them are Charuchandra Roy, Chanchal Bandyopadhyay, Satish Singh, Basanta Gangopadhyay, Binoy Basu, etc. Most of them have drawn humorous and usable pictures on social realities and also painted politically abusive cartoons.

But editorial cartoons did not come with their hands. Because none of them were dailypaper cartoonists. And then there was no need to introduce cartoonists in the newspapers of this country. Editorial cartoons have been published in our country since 1935 through the Amritbazar newspaper. And from then, politically conscious people have adopted political cartoons as a means of entertainment.

Sumit Ghosh’s book ‘Bharater Rajnaitik Cartoon Charcha’ (Political Cartoon Practice in India) has compiled the cartoons of famous cartoonists.
The author of this book, Sumit Ghosh was born in 1941 in Sugandha, Hughli. He first worked in Maithane, DVC’s CLD office. After then joined Patuli High School in Burdwan district as a teacher of philosophy and logic. He had a penchant for literary writing since his student days. He loved to watch and collect political cartoons.

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