Raj-Preyashi Rajbodhu by Shyamali Basu, Bangla novel pdf

Raj-Preyashi Rajbodhu by Shyamali Basu – Bangla novel pdf
ebook name- Raj-Preyashi Rajbodhu
Writer- Shyamali Basu
Book genre- Historical Novel
File format- PDF
Size- 8mb
Pages- 156
Quality- good, without any watermark

Raj-Preyashi Rajbodhu by Shyamali Basu pdf

‘Rajpreyashi Rajbadhu’ is a historical novel. And the novel is based on the historical ruler of Kashmir- Lalitaditya and Jayapir.

Jayapir who was the grandson of king Lalitaditya, after ascending the throne of Kashmir, he came out victorious with a large army like his grandfather. When Jayapir left Kashmir, his brother-in-law Jajja forcibly took the throne. Then the soldiers also left the company of ‘Jayapir’ and gradually returned to their homeland. He then bade farewell to the fellow feudal lords, marched to Prayag with a small army; And from there he came out alone in disguise, gradually reaching the city of Paundravardhana. Paundravardhana was then sheltered by the king of Gaur and under the protection of a feudal lord named Jayanta. Jayapir then took refuge in the house of a dancer in Paundravardhana; And he was compelled to make his debut by killing a lion. Then King Jayanta gave marriage to his daughter- Kalyanadevi with Jayapir.
After that, Jayapir defeated five Narpals of Gaur without any organization and established his father-in-law in the seat of Gaurdhish. He showed his power.
The lives of two Gaur-Daughters were inseparably intertwined with the life of Kashmiri King Binayaditya Jayapir. One – Rajbala, Rajbudhu- Kalyanadevi. The other is an unknown dancer- Komola.
Jayapir was attached to both of them. History bears witness to this.

Dear readers, read the wonderful historical novel- ‘Rajpreyashi Rajbadhu‘ in pdf.

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Dear reader, collect the Bangla novel- ‘Rajpreyashi Rajbodhu by Shyamali Basu’ Bangla novel pdf

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