Aranyo Adim by Ramapada Chowdhury in ebook pdf

Aranyo Adim by Ramapada Chowdhury in Bangla ebook pdf

Book name- Aranyo Adim
Author – Ramapada Chowdhury
Format- PDF
size- 11MB
Pages- 188
eBook quality- nice

Aranyo Adim by Ramapada Chowdhury

Ramapada Choudhury (born on 28 December 1922) is an Indian Bengali writer. Born at Kharagpur in Midnapore district, West Bengal. He completed MA in English literature from Presidency College. During 2nd World War, he began writing. Many of his stories have been made a lot of movies. In 1988 he received the award Sahityo Academy Puruskar for his novel – Bari Bodle Jai. Also he got Ananda Puruskar (1936), Rabindra Puruskar (1971). His ebooks pdf List- Akashprodip, Ahankar, Aajiban, Bahiri, Darbari, Charai, Sundari etc. Today I’ll share with you his famous ebook pdf “Aranyo Adim”.

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