Arjun Samagra All Part by Samaresh Majumdar in ebook pdf

Arjun Samagra All Part by Samaresh Majumdar in Bangla ebook pdf

Book name- Arjun Samagra part- 1, part-2, part- 3, part-4

Author – Samaresh Majumdar

Format- PDF
Part-1, size- 7MB, Pages- 162
Part-2, size- 15MB, Pages- 416
Part-3, size- 10MB, Pages- 498
Part-4, size- 5MB, Pages- 287

ebook pdf quality- excellent

Arjun Samagra All Part

The famous Bengali writer- Samaresh Majumdar, born on 10th March 1942. His childhood was spent in the tea gardens of Dooars in uttar Banga, West Bengal. His primary education was in Jalpaiguri district school. He graduated in Bangla from Scottish Church College, Calcutta and he completed a Masters from the University of Calcutta. During his career, he was involved with the publication of Ananda Bazar. He was strong addiction to The Group Theatre. His first short story, “Anyamatra” writings as theater. And from there began his life of the author. He have gained a lot of national and international awards by his writing. His writen ebook pdf List- Satyamev Jayte, Akash na Patal, Jalbandi, Mohini, Bangalir Nostami, Tirthajatri, Saoyar, Uttaradhikar, Kalbela, Kalpurush, Amake Chai, Dour, Kalikal, Abas etc. Today I’ll share with you his famous series ebook pdf “Arjun Samagra” part- 1, part-2, part- 3, part-4.

Get all part of Arjun Samagra ebook pdf

Arjun Samagra Part-1 by Somoresh Mojumder

Arjun Samagra Part-2 by Samaresh Mojumder

Arjun Samagra Part-3 by Somaresh Mojumder

Arjun Samagra Part-4 by Samoresh Mojumder

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Pages- 29
Pdf size- 3MB



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