Tin Purush by Samaresh Basu ebook pdf

Tin Purush by Samaresh Basu in Bangla ebook pdf
Book name- Tin Purush
Author – Samaresh Basu
Format- PDF
size- 12MB
Pages- 165
eBook quality- Good

Tin Purush by Samaresh Basu

Samaresh Basu (1924-1988) was a Bengali renowned writer, novelist and he is famous under the pen names Kalkut and Bhramor. In 1980 he received the Sahitya Akademi Award for his novel Shambo. He was an active member of the trade unions and the Communist Party and for this reason, he was imprisoned in 1949-50. His first novel “Uttaranga” he wrote in prison. He wrote 200 short stories and 100 novels. Now I want to share with you his famous story book Tin Purush.
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