Ebaro Baro by Satyajit Roy pdf Bangla ebook

Ebaro Baro by Satyajit Roy pdf of Bangla ebook
ebook name- Ebaro Baro
Author- Satyajit Roy
File format- PDF
Pages- 142
File size- 11mb
Quality- not bad, without any watermark

Ebaro Baro by Satyajit Roy

Satyajit Roy- this great personality, famous as a Bengali film director, similarly he famous for his contribution to Bengali literature. This greatest film directors of the twentieth century was born in a renowned Bengali family in the city of Calcutta and they were associated with the literary and art world. His father Sukumar Roy was the author, editor and photographer and also one of the best writers of Bangla Nonsense literature and child literature.
Satyajit Roy created many famous characters in Bengali literature among them  ‘Goenda Feluda’, ‘Scientist Professor Shanu’ and ‘Tarinikhuro’ are most popular. In addition to these characters, he wrote many short novels and short stories. The main focus of his writing was the teenage young readers. Although he was a favorite writer close to the all kind of readers.
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And now I want to share the ebook- ‘Ebaro Baro’ of his written as pdf file.

Collect the pdf Or Read it online
Collect the pdf of Bangla ebook – ‘Ebaro Baro by Satyajit Roy

There are twelve stories in this book and these stories are- ‘Sadhanbabur Sandeho’, ‘Manpatra’, ‘Spotlight’, ‘Dhappa’, ‘Myakeji Fruit’, ‘Anko Sir, Golapibabu Ar Tipu’, ‘Apodartha’, ‘First Class Kamra’, ‘Gagan Chowdhurir Studio’, ‘Bahurupi’, ‘Ambor Sen Anterdhan Rahasya’and ‘Jahangirer Swarnomudra’.

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