Gorkir Shreshtha Galpo Bangla Translated ebook pdf

Gorkir Shreshtha Galpo Bangla Translated ebook pdf file
ebook name- Gorkir Shreshtha Galpo
Author- Maxim Gorky
Translated by- Asit Sarkar
File format- PDF
Pages- 410
File size- 16mb
Quality- best, without any watermark

Gorkir Shreshtha Galpo

Best stories of Maxim Gorky.
The great author Maxim Gorky who spent his adolescent life by traveled all the roads and lanes of Russia like a vagabond. For this reason there are many diverse experiences and many characters have lived in his literature, especially in short stories, which are rare resource of the entire world literature, even today.
His real name is Alexei Maximovich Pascavov, his was writing his first short story ‘Makar Chudra’ that was published in 1892 and in which he used the first pseudonym- ‘Maxim Gorky’. ‘Makar Chudra’ this eminent story has been added to the above said book.
Russian Nizhny Novgorod city’s orphan boy -Alexei Maximovich Pascavov who left the house and came out to the way of the earth at the age of 12. He was educated in the school of nature and became bitter. At the age of 16, he tried to commit suicide and failed. After then, for 5 long years he walks across the fierce empire of Russia and become a topfull writer, named him Maxim Gorky. The Gorky word mean bitter. Actually he was like that. His writings have always been bitter truths.
Dear blog readers, now I want to share a selected stories collection book of this author- ‘Gorkir Shreshtha Galpo‘ this book can be called another name- ‘memoir of vagabond life’. You can collect this book as pdf file from this post.

Collect the Bangla translated ebook pdfGorkir Shreshtha Galpo

There are thirty three selected stories in this book which are translated into Bengali by Asit Sarkar.

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