Shikhshabigyan by Srinibas Bhattacharya । Bangla Educational science book pdf

Shikhshabigyan by Srinibas Bhattacharya, Bangla Educational science ebook pdf
Author- ‘Srinibas Bhattacharya’,
Book genre- Educational science book
File format- PDF,
Pages- 224,
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Shikhshabigyan by Srinibas Bhattacharya pdf

Pedagogy helps to highlight the inherent relationship between learning and teaching and the teaching method affects that accordingly way. The pedagogy introduces the teacher to all the psychological approaches that need to know about a student. It is not only the job of the teacher to know the content of the education but it is his sole duty to know about each student. And to know that means to know the student’s learning ability and needs, to know his problem; Otherwise, the work of education remains incomplete. In addition, one of the tasks of a teacher is to know the environment of the student and to be aware of the impact of that environment. For the sake of pedagogy, the teacher will be aware of every element of education and will harmonize between them. So the boundaries of Pedagogy are not limited today. There is a combination of every subject such as psychology, sociology, economics, philosophy. The role of Pedagogy (educational science) is especially important in this regard.

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