Padabali Kirtaner Itihas by Swami Praganananda pdf

Padabali Kirtaner Itihas by Swami Praganananda, Bangla book pdf
ebook name- ‘Padabali Kirtaner Itihas’ (part-1).
Collector- Swami Praganananda,
Book genre- Spiritual article book
File format- PDF,
Pages- 228,
PDF File size- 13Mb,
Quality- best, without any watermark

Padabali Kirtaner Itihas by Swami Praganananda pdf

‘Padabalikirtan’ is an impeccable and unique gift not only in India but in the world of spiritual music. The literary resources of kirtan, i.e. the chemistry of the verses, the Brajbuli language, and the rhyming composition works are unparalleled in the whole world. It is a triune stream of juice, emotion, and rhythm. Padabali Kritan is the only object of affection for Bengalis and Indian music devotees and lovers.

The author discusses in this book the literature, philosophy, prantattwa, materialism, ballads of ‘Padabalikirtan’ and the psychological principles, Raga, rhythm, etc. behind them.

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