Kathasaritsagar (part-1) by Somdev Bhattacharya in PDF

Kathasaritsagar (part-1) by Somdev Bhattacharya Bangla eBook in PDF

Book name- Kathasaritsagar (part-1)
Author – Somdev Bhattacharya
Format- PDF
size- 58MB
Pages- 511
eBook quality- excellent

 Kathasaritsagar (part-1) by Somdev Bhattacharya

The question arises, as a Bengali when I met with the magnum opus “Kathasaritsagar”, Why was I not informed earlier about the book. It is a great epic book. If you want to known about this Bangla epic book, download a PDF file of this book. Get this Bangla book Kathasaritsagar in PDF.


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