Kathasaritsagar (part-1) by Somdev Bhattacharya in PDF

Kathasaritsagar (part-1) by Somdev Bhattacharya Bangla eBook in PDF

Book name- Kathasaritsagar (part-1)
Author – Somdev Bhattacharya
Format- PDF
size- 58MB
Pages- 511
eBook quality- excellent

 Kathasaritsagar (part-1) by Somdev Bhattacharya

The question arises, as a Bengali when I met with the magnum opus “Kathasaritsagar”, Why I didn’t informed earlier about this ancient book. It is a great epic book. If you want to known about this Bangla epic book and its contents, download a PDF file of this book. Get this Bangla book Kathasaritsagar in PDF.
Kathasaritsagar is an Indian legend, fairy tale and folklore collection which is written in approximate Christian eleventh century and written by prominent Kashmiri poet Somdev Bhatta. The word katasrishitagra means in Sanskit is the ocean of the story. Readers can collect this ancient story book in Bangla version.

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