Dashti Upanyas by Subodh Ghosh free ebook pdf

Dashti Upanyas by Subodh Ghosh in Bangla free ebook pdf

Book name- Dashti Upanyas
Author – Subodh Ghosh

Format- PDF
size- 76MB
Pages- 844
e-book quality- Good

Dashti Upanyas by Subodh GhoshSubodh Ghosh (born 1909 – died on March 10, 1980) was an Indian-Bengali author and prominent writer. He was born in Hajaribag, Bihar. He had sufficient skills in archeology, military science. His writings period from 1940 to 1980. His first story was ‘Ajantrik’ then ‘Fasil’ and another famous story book is ‘Thir Bijuri’. He also wrote ‘Jatugriha’, ‘Bharater Premkatha’, ‘Tilanjali’, ‘Gangotri’, ‘Trijama’, ‘Meenpiyasi‘, ‘Shiulibari‘ etc. He Honours by Ananda Puruskar, Jagattarini Padak. You can get Subodh Ghosh Rachana Samogra (Total Part) ebook pdf from this blog. Now I want to share with you a novel free ebook pdf ‘Dashti Upanyas’. which written by Subodh Ghosh.
Get free ebook pdf Dashti Upanyas.

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