Raktalpota by Dr. Kamalesh Das pdf

Raktalpota by Dr. Kamalesh Das, Bengali eBook pdf
ebook name- ‘Raktalpota’,
Author- Dr. Kamalesh Das
Book type- Health-Related Tutorial Book
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Raktalpota by Kamalesh Das  pdf

Although the exact Bengali equivalent of the English ‘Anemia’ is ‘Raktashunyata’, the word ‘Raktalpata’ is more appropriate to describe this particular physical condition. Because this life-giving fluid circulating in our body can never be empty, its content and effectiveness can only decrease. Anemia is as much a medical problem as it is a sociological one.

Anemic diseases and diseases Anemia is one of the major health problems in our country. Anemia also causes a large number of child deaths each year. In many cases, anemia does not directly cause death but reduces the physical and mental performance of people. It is not difficult for us to understand the amount of damage anemia is doing to the public life of our country.
This book discusses in detail the causes of anemia and its proper treatment.

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