Paramanur Rupkatha by Santosh Chattopadhyay pdf

Paramanur Rupkatha by Santosh Chattopadhyay, Bengali ebook pdf
ebook name- ‘Paramanur Rupkatha’,
Author- Santosh Chattopadhyay
Book type- Science story book
File format- PDF
Pages- 105
File size- 19Mb
Courtesy- Binita Chatterjee
Quality- Good, without any watermark

Paramanur Rupkatha by Santosh Chattopadhyay

This is a wonderful fairy tale. But in this fairy tale, there are no princesses, no kings, queens, ministers, no, none of them. The hero of this story is the countless invisible particles of matter, called atoms. All matter around us and even ourselves are made up of tiny particles. It is as if the lives of millions of demons are sleeping in this atom. There is tremendous energy latent in it which no one has been able to measure even today.
And that great power is the key to all the mysteries of the universe. The atom has opened the door to all the mysteries of the universe in front of scientists.
This life story of the atom is really like a fairy tale. Are you willing to know that fairy tale? Then read this book.

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