Chikissa Bigganne Abiskarer Galpo Bangla pdf

Chikissa Bigganne Abiskarer Galpo-Syed Nazmul Abdal Bangla pdf
ebook name- Chikissa Bigganne Abiskarer Galpo
Author- Syed Nazmul Abdal
Book genre- Children-Teenager book about knowledge
File format- PDF
Pages- 46
File size- 14mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Chikissa Bigganne Abiskarer Galpo

There are many kinds of diseases in the world, as well as many medicines are also there. Initially, people did not know about these medicines. But people wanted to protect themselves from the disease attack, pains of disease and death. And Human start to fight against the disease for a healthy life. After many pursuits, people started to win this battle in a gradual way. Men have been invented disease-destructive medicines one after another.
The discovery stories of medical science and inventor scientists are highlighted in this book. Especially the book is written for children and teenager readers.

Child literary Syed Nazmul Abdal presented in this book about the surprising facts of the discovery of some famous medicines and extraordinary life stories of inventors. At the same time, curiosity about diseases, medicines, preventive and their discoveries stories will not only entertain the children and adolescents but also these stories will inspire them.
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Dear little friends, now you can collect this knowledge and inspirational books – ‘Chikissa Bigganne Abiskarer Galpo’ in pdf file.

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