Dante Rachanasamagra Bangla Anubad ebook pdf

Dante Rachanasamagra Bangla Anubad ebook pdf file
ebook name- Dante Rachanasamagra
Author- Durante degli Alighieri alias Dante
Translated by- Sudhangsuranjan Ghosh
Book Genre- ancient translated book
File format- PDF
Pages- 484
File size- 30mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Dante Rachanasamagra Bangla

Durante degli Alighieri alias Dante (1265 – 1321) was a famous Italian poet. Dante was born in Florence in Italy. His family was not as wealthy but famous as the elite. He received the knowledge of Classical Liberal Arts from Brunetto Latino. It also included Latin and Greek language knowledge. Then he started composing his most famous book The Divine Comedy. Note that the book is written in the local Vientiane spoken language. This book is divided into three sections and there the church and contemporary famous events and sarcasm/mock to the people have got place in that creation.

Dante Rachanasamagra content

The book contents are three parts of Divine Comedy and Dante’s poems,
the first part is Inferno or Hell, according to the author’s opinion that it is made up of nine layers circle, and every circle has a different kind of punishment. In fact, Divine Comedy represents the journey of every soul to God and Inferno, describe the kind of sin and the nature of the punishment.
And the second part is Purgatorio, here all the soul suffers pain who came from Inferno.
Third and last part is Paradiso. It is made up of 33 Kanti.

Dear friends, now I want to share an ancient theorical knowledge about souls ‘Divine Comedy by Durante’ and his poems in a cover, named- Dante Rachanasamagra.
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Friends, you can collect the above said anubad book in pdf file.

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